As an independent company, we are not tied into any one supplier and assure peace of mind by providing fully managed projects and installations. From design through to build – we manage the whole kitchen renovation process and specialise in English style kitchen design. This enhances the design opportunities in ways that others cannot match.

Get to know the key members of our team and find out why our independence makes us the best company in this area.



“I take a huge amount of pride and satisfaction from meeting and talking to clients who are loving their new kitchens designed and installed by our great team. There is a reason we get so many recommendations and have clients that have been complete families or several in the same road all through word of mouth. When people sell their homes, they say they have a ‘Burnhill Kitchen’, that’s an amazing feeling.

When I walk through our showroom there is always a real buzz of energy and enthusiasm flowing between my designers and clients. When I set this company up in 2001 with the help of a great friend Paul Dainty this was the dream. I hope we get to create your dream."

Team Member

Managing Director


Sam has worked in all aspects of the kitchen process from warehouse, deliveries, installation, sales and design. Combining management skills with creative flair, you could say that Sam’s passion and commitment shine through the moment you meet him all the way through to completion. It is quite often the case that clients come in requesting Sam due to recommendations from previous clients.

“I have always idolised my dad and I am so proud of what he has achieved and taught me on my journey so far. I’m excited for the future and trying to elevate Burnhill Kitchens Ltd to new professional heights whilst still maintaining our family run ethics.”

Team Member

Sales & Business Development Director


James' keen interest in interior design has roots in his background in joinery and furniture making. His extensive experience in both design and project management lends itself extremely well to his role here at Midas. He is at the top of his game, closely monitoring the industry, looking for the next trend and products to introduce to his clients as part of their design process. Award-winning designs confirm his continued success and growth in the business. While James is not the biggest fan of ski season, he enjoys spending the summer in the Alps with his family and enjoys the challenges of designing in the area well.

Team Member

Sales & Design Manager

Danny Westcott

I’ve been living in France for the past 10 years, previously America. I am well-travelled and happy to adapt to new cultures/experiences. I love the mountains and the lifestyle on offer here. Previous background in logistics. I pride myself on customer care and though I am new to the kitchen industry – I am loving learning a new skill and managing/creating fantastic projects in France. I’m Very excited for the future of MIDAS kitchens and I look forward to being a part of the growth and progression of this fantastic company.

Team Member

Our team of award-winning, skilled and creative kitchen designers continue to create stunning new kitchens, thanks to the wealth of high quality and on-trend materials that Midas Kitchens have access to.s

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It is company policy to select suppliers dedicated to supporting ecological sustainability within the laws of their country.

We recognise the importance and value of developing strong, sustainable relationships with suppliers, forest owners, harvesting and haulage contractors for the basis of mutual success. Our main carcass supplier EGGER Forestry have a 25-year track record in the harvesting and marketing of forest products. EGGER Forestry is perfectly placed to provide extended professional services and greater choice of forest owners.s

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